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About Dr. Jaffle.

Le Bio

Once upon a time in a far away universe, where all things were buttery and toasty, a maestro of toasty delights was born and bread. And Dr. Jaffle was his name.

Dr. Jaffle is of many musical talent. The Doc was an associate of the crazy DEMARIO BROS. and was their general food practitioner for many a years. After crafting a magical double Jaffle Iron, The Doc landed himself in the bushy parts of Campbells Creek near Castlemaine and lived under tent and campfire with plentiful supply of baked beans, cheese, eggs and chicken wings to cook with his jaffle iron and metal grill he found by a tree. The Doc has been known to use his music for medicinal purposes. HE CAN ALSO MAKE ONE HELL OF A JAFFLE!!! Dr. Jaffle is Soupper crazy. Messed Up Tunes. You Like!

Dr. Jaffle brings you toasty beats produced from Gameboys, a Macintosh Computer from 1993 and Fresh Hi-Fi Beets from an intergalactic beet farm from the future. Delivered in a brown paper bag.

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Discography of Dr. Jaffle music and where to get that shit.

Le Musik (Dr. Jaffle Discography).

See full list of all songs here

Release Name Date Formats/Where to Find
Dr. Jaffle Super Demo thumbnail Dr. Jaffle Super Demo 2011 January 13 Bandcamp (FLAC, MP3 & more)
Three Fruit Toast Jaffle thumbnail Three Fruit Toast Jaffles EP 2012 November 29 Bandcamp (FLAC, MP3 & more), CD (limited release)
Three Fruit Toast Jaffle thumbnail Beatsicles 2014 July 31 Bandcamp (FLAC, MP3 & more)
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